We believe the best way for you to make an informed decision on who you choose to supply and install your Solar Energy or Battery Storage system is to hear what some of our previous clients have had to say about our professionalism in delivering quality bespoke solar and battery installations.

We believe we are the best providers of solar energy solutions for south Australians but if you're still not convinced, then have a read of what our many customers have to say about the expertise, product quality and service that we provide!

20nd March 2022

We were early adopters of roof top solar. Originally, our system was a little over 1kW. While we were still 'making' electricity we decided that a new system that met our ongoing needs was necessary.
After significant research we decided to engage Solar Spot to undertake the project. Jason and the trades people he used completed the job in the timeframe presented. We were extremely pleased with the final result which included a 10kW battery as well as a system of over 8kW generating capacity.
If you are looking for a professional company who does what they say wen they say it as well as using good quality equipment then call Solar Spot

Bruce and Ann - Woodforde


22nd January 2020

Also the company Electricity bill is now under 4k a year compared to 13-14k I think your system paid for itself quicker than predicted


Steve - Business Royston Park


15th January 2020

Now, that’s what I call – an electricity bill!    $18.98 😊 


Anna - Fullarton


14th January 2020

Jason from Solarspot.com.au has been absolutely professional in his approach to installing our solar panels and submitting our application to government for our battery subsidy.  Great work Jason.


Val and Peter - Largs Bay


14th January 2020

What I can say is that I am very excited to date about the performance of my new REC solar panels and SENEC battery installed by Jason Hicks at Solarspot and I am very hopeful that I will have a tiny power bill, if not a zero balance or even be in credit during autumn and spring.

I check the amazing SENEC app on my mobile phone multiple times a day and when there is a bit of sun about, my battery can be 100 percent full by 11am or midday.  After that time, I am using the solar power my system generates and exporting the excess power to the Grid.

When the sun has gone down, my amazing system allows me to draw on my battery for my electricity needs.  I am pretty sure that I would be almost 100 percent self-sufficient at this time of the year when the weather is mild.  I may need to take some power from the Grid during the summer and winter when the split-system airconditioner is running, but I have my fingers crossed that it will be negligible.

To date, my solar system and SENEC battery has far exceeded my expectations and to date I think it is one of the best things I have ever done. 

My solar installer, Jason Hicks from Solarspot, well and truly knows the solar industry inside and out, he must be one of Adelaide's most knowledgeable, experienced and ethical installers and I trust him implicitly.  When Jason recommended a SENEC battery for my situation I didn't hesitate to accept his advice.

Lesley - Adelaide


20th October 2019

I found Jason extremely helpful and efficient both in his explanation of the right system (solar) for me and installing it so that when the battery price came down it could be immediately installed which is what was done, to my very great satisfaction. Jason and his team were always friendly, punctual and professional, including quick responses to phone calls or queries regarding the system. I would have no hestitation recommending the Solarspot team to any prespective buyer.

Vicki-Kensington Park 

17th October 2019

Solarspot installed both our solar cells and more recently our battery. The resulting system has worked extremely well and was clearly based on sound technical advice. Jason, Toby and the team provided excellent and timely service accompanied by neat workmanship. Solarspot has a sound overview of modern renewable solar technology and can be relied upon to provide good advice along with a reasonably priced high quality installation using reliable components. We would strongly recommend them based upon our experience.

Richard and Annette-Blakeston

25th October 2019

Hi Jason,
I am pleased to report that our solar array is working properly! Toby and Liam did a good job of sorting out the faulty panels (4!) and rearranging the rest of them into two sensible strings. They have also left two good panels with me for any future failures. The are good workers – I was impressed.
Thanks again.
Alan-Middleton (Maintence of an existing system)

5th October 2018

It is now approximately a year or so since Anna and I made the decision to join the solar community (although we already had a solar hot water service). We originally were totally confused by all the hoo-hah surrounding who could supply our system and how they would do it. We were fortunate indeed to come across Jason and his team who were generous with their time to explain how we could be best provided with a system with functionality. We settled on an 8kw system with battery readiness for future additional benefits. The system which we bought was probably almost twice the price of other systems around but we were at least sure of what we were getting. We have not been disappointed, and have saved in excess of $2500-00 in that time. The exact amount is hard to compute when the usage of our hot water service uses power during the night but this is costed as a dedicated circuit and is cheaper than normal consumption. It is thought that we will be close to energy neutral over a full year and even more so if we can get a subsidised battery. Thanks again Jason and team for a job done well.
Neville & Anna Dernancourt

20th September 2019

My experience with Jason and Solarspot started approximate 6 years ago when Jason was recommended to me by a work mate who had installed a solar system. I didn’t go ahead with the system at the time due to employment issues. Mid 2017 I contacted Jason again being ready to install a Solar system. I was looking for a large system with the aim to wipe out my electric bill (up to $900 a qtr) for when I retire. My guess is electricity wont get any cheaper now or in the future. Jason came and recommended a system using quality products and components with life span 20 years plus.

The system has been installed in 3 stages over 18month period, 1st 8kw system, 2nd additional 4kw with 2nd Inverter and 3rd a 10kw Battery storage earlier this year. Jason has guided me through the installs as to the best advantage to Panel placement, inverters and battery etc. I have calculated 2018 calendar year, using the app details we would have had a $2850.00 Electric bill but with Solar (no battery in 2018) we had about a $10.00 usage. I do expect with the battery we may be able to pay part Gas Bills as well. Time will tell.

The Solar Edge app and information system now even shows the battery usage component, and also allows you to dial in your billing cycle dates helping keep a close eye on the import and export during this time.

I would highly recommend Jason and Solarspot to anybody considering a Solar System.

I am extremely happy with the investment I have made with my system and Solarspot. 

Thanks Jason,

Outstanding Service and Support,

Greg, Surrey Downs.


9th August, 2018

“It has been one year since Jason installed my system. In this time, I have generated savings of $2,000.

With an investment that should run for ten years plus, you want to deal with a professional who will be around should something go wrong. Jason and his team are ethical and honest people and that is why I chose them”.

Chris, Manningham


22nd July, 2018

"Jason from Solarspot was excellent; from the first phone call I made to him. He could see me straight away and was happy to come to me (which is so much easier given my circumstances). Jason game me hours of his time, explaining solar and how it worked. We went through my previous electricity bills to estimate the size of the system required.

Installation was quick and painless. My husband and I love the solaredge app and check it many times a day. It's so easy to see what the panels are producting and adapt our energy usage. Previously I was confused about solar and how it could change our lives, now I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Thank you Jason and your team. Your knowledge and smooth installation has transformed a small (but very important) part of our lives".

Gretchen and Pete, Kensington Park


27th June, 2018

"Thank you to Jason and Solarspot for being open, honest and transparent, helping us with an existing system upgrade along with intalling a new system in an outlying area. this was completed without an issue or us being present. All the work undertaken has been extremely satisfactory and we would not hesitate to recommend further. Great work!"

Elaine and Simon, Stonyfell


22nd June, 2018

"Over the last few years I have been a customer of Solarspot and have not regretted having Solarspot install solar panels and a battery.

Jason (Hicks) is my intrepid go to man at Solarspot if I ever have a problem which thatnkfully are very few and he is abe to quickly resolve any issues that arise. Jason has also installed a monitoring system linked to my computer giving me the opportunity to check immediately if my solar system has a fault or usage of solar power throughout the day.

When I first approached Jason in upgrading my old system, he was able to advise me of the type of panels I could have installed and the approximate cost of the various systems available. Once I had made my decision, a written quote was given to me and the solar panel system was installed soon after I accepted.

About 18 months ago, I rang Jason regarding having a battery installed and again he advised me on what the market had to offer and gave me the information that I required to make the decision.

I am getting on in years and I appreciated Jason's candor and patience in helping me to make an informed decision on what system would suit my needs; therefore I have no problem in recommending Solarspot to anyone installing a solar system in their home or business".

Ian, Piccadillly


20th June, 2018

"We found Jason to be highly professsional and trustworthy in all his dealings with us. He provided and efficient and highly competent service and was extremely helpful and informative throughout the process".

Sylvia, Stirling


20th June, 2018

"We have used solarspot on two jobs for my employer. Good price and great service. Jason is very knowledgable and not a pushy salesperson type. Have recommended them to many friends".

Rick, Farrell Flat


19th June, 2018

"Solarspot installed our home solar panels last December and early January. Our experience with Jason has been exceptional from first contact to completion. His team provided professional service, they were punctual, efficient and good humoured even while working on the roof in very. hot weather conditions.

We would highly recommend Solarspot to anyone looking to install a solar system. And best of all the benefits are already reflected in our electricity bills".

Mark and Margo, Athelstone


12th June, 2018

"After seeing their work at the local primary school, I contancted Jason and organised a quote for my solar system. He provided me with all the information I needed and options for me to research and select. The work was completed on time and budget, there have been no issues with the system and it has been reducing my bills significantly. After the latest increase to charges and reduction to feed in tarriffs, I contacted Jason again to quote a battery and backup system. Once again, he filled me with confidence and we slected an LG Bettery and SolarEdge systm, installed and completed as quoted. the quality of planning, owrk and service has been excellent and I always recommend SolarSpot whenever I am asked".

Robert, Morphett Vale


9th June, 2018

"Jason was very knowledgable, helpful and worked well with our builder. Tha panels are very neat and look good on our roof. We enjoy monitoring the system production and our electricity useage on the SolarEdge app.

We are pleased that we chose Solarspot".

John, Kensington Gardens


18th December, 2017

“We wanted a quality 10kw Solar System that was battery capable/ready for our heritage tile roofed house. After seeking a couple of quotes to ensure a competitive price for a high-quality system – we selected Jason and Solarspot for the install.

Ours was always a potentially difficult install – old terracotta tiles, multiple panel locations, and twin inverters.

Jason kept up the communication and has an experienced and friendly team working with him. The high-quality REC/Solar Edge system was professionally installed and is very neat and tidy. Our 100+yr old roof tiles are fragile and at the end of the job Jason personally climbed up and checked all the tiles around the panels and replaced the few damaged tiles.

A few weeks on and the system is performing well, our roof is watertight and for once I look forward to our next power bill to see the results.

I would recommend Jason and Solarspot on the basis of our very positive experience".

Stuart, Toorak Gardens


17th November, 2017

"Jason was able to work with us and our existing system and provide several options which would work for us and our budget. Once we decided (after another amendment), the process was simple even though they were very busy. Even when our actual inverter was delayed, Jason kept us in the loop at their expense and got us up and running with a temporary unit until the real one came in. the crews worked in all manner of weather even through it was crazy and all were professional and did a great job.

Jason answered our many, many questions at all hours and has enabled us to generate what we hoped to. Highly recommend SolarSpot and will definitely come back for our battery 😊"

Patricia and Richard, Hillbank


12th August 2016

Jason is honest and well informed on the products the installation was easy smooth and seamless. Would highly recommend to any one ☀️

(Posted on Facebook)

Clive, Normanville


16th March 2015

Hi Jason,

Just wanted to let you know we got our bill (12 months after installation) from Lumo-$1220 ($955 with pay on time discount).

Same time last year with Alinta $3500!! AGL the previous year $2700.

Thank you so much, Sophie (Unley Park)


Tuesday 9th December 2014

Hi Jason & Company

 I am writing to offer our thanks and appreciation for the fast and excellent service we received when we had a problem with our solar system and within no time had our two inverters and a panel replaced.

 Since installing the solar system, we have done nothing but praise both your companies for the quality in your product and the above average service and pride in your work when the installation was carried out. 

 We now have many of our friends interested in installing a solar system from you after seeing the results of your good work and have encouraged them to go further than just getting a quote.

 We will continue to give praise to both your companies as your service and product is second to none.

 Thank you again for the fine service we received and wish you continued success.

 Merry Christmas to all.


 Alan & Martess, Warradale.




Thanks again for a stella job putting in my solar panels.

Now if you can just make the clouds go away!


Lee in Gulf View Heights


13th May 2014

The guys were personable and professional from the first phone call. They helped identify that my 60's house had a slumped roof and worked around this under difficult circumstances. I have and will recommend them to family and friends.

Anthony Radford, (Fulham Gardens, SA).


14th March 2014

Provided a range of options when quoting. Explained them so we could make a quality decision. Installation was done on time by a very professional team. They even moved out TV antena so as to minamise bird droppings. (brilliant).

Thank you

David & Jill (Gawler East)


12th March 2014

Jason & Team

Great Service from point of contact with staff , who followed through on everything with wonderful customer service. Jason's home visit, Quote, and paperwork was clear with information and understanding. The boys were friendly and respectful with good communication and advise. Great Team work and Customer Service.

Thanks Guys

Deb (Prospect)


25th February, 2014

"Thanks again for a stella job putting in my solar panels. Now if you can just make the clouds go away!" 

Lee, Gulfview Heights


13th December, 2013

"Extremely happy with the services provided. Empolyees were punctual and worked efficiently and effectively.

Very happy with end result.

Thank you very much."

Tony, Hillcrest


8th December 2013

Our experience with Solarspot has been exceptional from first contact, from requesting a quote to finish off. We have been very satisfied - every question was patiently answered and there was no undue pressure to sign a contract . All staff conducted themselves in a professional and creditable manner.  I would defiantly recommend Solarspot to any potential customer. 

Alan & Jan 


 10th December 2013

Extremely happy with the services provided. Employees were punctual and worked efficiently.Very happy with the end result.

Thank you very much



15 September, 2013

Our experience with SolarSpot has been exceptional and from first contact requesting a quote to finish of the installation, we have been very satisfied. Every question was patiently answered and there was no undue pressure to sign a contract. All staff conducted themselves in a professional manner. I would definitely recomment SolarSpot to any potential customer.

Alan and Jane, Aberfoyle Park.



16th May 2013

Hi Jason,

            Just a short note to thank you for handling our solar panel installation. We particularly appreciated your thorough coverage of the options available to us, emailing of the appropriate specifications, competent installation and reworking the system when we realized at the last minute that we needed to upgrade We are very happy with the final result, a great 3 kwh system at a reasonable price.

Thank you

Lesley and Stewart



8th May 2013

Hi Jason,

I did not hesitate to refer a friend, Linda, who is interested to enquire about solar PV. Kindly look after Linda the way you looked after us. We are very happy with the performance of our unit.

Many thanks,

Han of Kilburn


26th Nov 2012

Hi Jason,
My sister in law and her husband will probably give you a call – they are up at Hahndorf. 
You guys were great, so I have no issues passing on your details – bring some business cards when you come next.


 15th Nov 2012

Dear Jason & Patrick,

I would like to complement you on a job well done with the installation of my Solar System. I am very happy with the system and the professional manner in which the installation was carried out can only be commended.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Yours sincerely



 22nd Oct 2012

Dear Patrick,
Following my reporting to you how remarkable and pleasing was our new 'Sunny Boy' kit which we purchased from you in late 2011. It was amazing that even when we had 8/8 cloud, with little or no sun, your efficient Sunny Boy outfit clicked away and captured adequate sun power to do the job above what we needed above our own requirements. Our recent electricity account for some 90 days showed we had used over $90 for electricity. However, the net amount for the invoice was a credit of over $200 as the Sunny Boy pumped more power into the national grid than what we needed.
We found Solar Spot was reliable, honoured its projections for performance, and kindly rang us before the end of September to ensure we met the State Government's requirements to ensure we are reimbursed at the highest rate for surplus power we put into the grid.
Best wishes,
Hugh & Susan


 12th Nov 2011

Dear Jason,
Our electricity bill is $6.52 in credit. Pretty amazing through cooler months and overcast skies!
I rang Tru Energy today and out meter readings and billing quarters have only now started to coordinate and get back to normal so THANK YOU JASON we are so pleased!
We are only sorry our children didn’t take our advice and invested in solar too.


31st July 2012

Hi Jason,

Just to let you know - we received a cheque today from Tru Energy. $135.00 for excess electricity produced by our 7 hard working solar panels. Add on $70 per month direct debit we were paying - we've had 12 months 'free' electricity. We will pay for our panels & meter in 3.5yrs.

Thank you young Jason - we are very pleased.

Ann and Ray