Small Home AC Coupled Battery


SENEC is leading the way in Germany, a proven and trusted brand, owned by the multinational Germany electricity provider and generator EnBW. We are proud to be the first provider and installer in South Australia of the SENEC battery and, as with all German engineering, comes with unparralled quality growing on a 10 year pedigree.


The SENEC.Home system, comprises of a German engineered and built AC coupled inverter, with Japanese manufacturer Panasonic Lithium Ion battery packs sized to suit your needs, all connected to the SENEC Cloud monitoring system, giving you up to date information on your home energy position. Compatible with any existing or new solar system, a truely flexible system.


Warrantied, for 10 years in Australian conditions, with the backing of EnBW, we feel this is a tremendously sound battery investment for any home.






We are certified and accredited Eguana Technologies installers and we are excited to announce that the Evolve Home Energy Storage System is immediately available to home owners in South Australia under the Steve Marshall government’s Home Battery Scheme. Committed to assembling their product in South Australia, has once again illustrated the absolute commitment Eguana Technologies has shown, from the inception of their company in 1996, in providing not only technical excellence but a strong belief in reducing supply train impacts in local employment, be it in Canada, Germany and now Australia.


The Evolve is Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready, allowing the home owner the choice to participate in any current or future VPP offering, or, to reserve the system energy for their own use to maximize their solar investment. Evolve comes standardised with seamless back-up power capability, indoor or outdoor installation, and will keep your solar system operating in a blackout, to ensure power is available to support essential loads for extended periods.


This system is adaptable, so you can start at the maximum subsidy 13 kWh unit and can upgraded to a massive 39 kWh if you require. It can be fitted to any home with an existing solar system or we can add a new solar system.


We take pride in our record in picking out the most promising products emerging in our wonderful industry, from Enphase to SolarEdge, REC to Sunpower, we have always done our best to supply you the best. Now we choose Eguana with LG Chem as our AC coupled product of choice.










Ideal for the small home single phase consumer, we are also certified and accredited Varta Pulse 6 installers. Germany oldest leading battery manufacturer with 130 years experience, has teamed up with LG Chem once again, to offer a great solution to the smaller home. If you have small solar system or you are frugal with your power consumption, this is the perfect simple solution for you.


We can add a solar system to your home is you do not have an existing system and with the cost effective, yet proven reliability of the Varta Pulse 6 with LG Chem battery, you can say goodbye to those troublesome bills. The Varta's simple operation offers a very reliable, tested and well backed offering that won't let you down, that's why the German's have been using them for 130 years!


Available in January 2019 under the SA government Home Battery Scheme, the Varta Pulse is already cutting through the pack, being one of the first batteries to be on the CEC Approved Battery list.


Home AC Coupled Solutions


We offer a couple of options that can also provide solutions to homes with existing solar systems large and small. The first is a combinantion from two great manufacturers, Victron and BYD and the Second from Sonnen, one of Germany's largest suppliers of integrated battery storage systems.

Victron & BYD B-Box


Victron Energy is a hugely respected Dutch company head quartered in Amsterdam. They offer the tried and tested inverter charge controller combined with the popular and modular BYD B-Box High Voltage Battery. BYD is the worlds largest manufacturer of Lithium Ion cells in China, with an eviable CV. Reliable and extensively tested throughout Australia for several years, we've even used BYD in off-grid applications with great results.

Sonnen Battery



We are certified and accredited Sonnen Batterie installers and we are excited to that they also, will be manufacturing out of South Australia's former Holden site. In our opinion, its one of the best AC coupled battery system available. With Lithium battery cells manufactured by the original invertor Sony/Murata in Japan for the 8.2 model, Chinese Pylontech cells in the SA assembled 9 series, with smart German design, you can be sure of absolute quality in this system. With identical cells cycling in tests for over 18 years and still performing better than the 10 year warranty, this world class product manufactured here in SA will take some beating.


This system is adaptable, so you can start at the maximum subsidy 10kWh unit and can upgraded to a massive 16kWh if you require. It can be fitted to any home with an existing solar system or we can add a new one.


Another key advantage is the Sonnen Flat tariff, an industry leading retail electricity tariff where you can pay nothing for power! Please contact us for more information.