A solar or battery system is designed to help offset your electricity bills each quarter by reducing the amount of energy drawn from the electricity grid by each home. There will be times when more electricity is being produced by your solar system than is being used by your household appliances. This surplus electricity will be counted by your electricity meter as an export back to the main electricity grid network and earning you electricity feed in credits from your electricity provider.


Depending on your electricity provider's import and export tariff rates and supply charges, installing a solar system will reduce your electricity bill and further discounts for feed in payments on your bill, some bills are even in credit! Battery Energy Storage Systems offer even further benefits by storing more of the energy that could have been exported. We often see self consumption levels on energy rise by 35% with a battery installed to compliment 35% direct solar consumption. This all adds up to reducing reliance on the grid to just 30% of original values and more likely to result in negligible outlay at the close of the year.



As electricity prices have risen, higher costs have impacted how much reduction in bills existing solar systems affect electricity bills. A solar system that covers the dollar cost of your bill now may not do so in the future when electricity rates increase so we are increasingly being engaged to expand older systems to futher insulate wallets from higher costs.