Considering investing in solar energy for your home? Choose Solarspot!


Why Solar Energy?


5 powerful benefits to installing solar power in your home:

  • Limit your carbon footprint and CO2 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Make substantial savings on your electricity bill
  • Reduce demand on the electricity company and become an energy generator
  • Help promote renewable, clean, green energy in our community
  • Get satisfaction, knowing you are doing your part to help the future of our planet


How solar energy works


Solar power systems convert sunlight into DC electricity which is converted to AC electricity by an inverter either under the solar panel or on your wall. AC electricity will either be used in your home, or exported onto the electricity grid via your import-export meter. The NET feed in tariff structure in Australia means that only the extra electricity that isn't used by your house is exported onto the grid (i.e. your house uses it first). When you have a battery in place the amount you use from the grid decreases even further and it can even provide backup power in the event of a grid blackout.


With recent innovations in battery storage, it is also now possible to store your unused excess energy for later use. If you ever use more energy than your panels are producing, you will simply draw energy from the grid. Solar power is a smart, cost saving system for all seasons. Start saving money on your electricity bills by installing solar panels for your home or business.


How we work with you


When tailoring your individually designed system we consider the size of your home, number of occupants, the specific energy needs of the home, ie: heated pool or spa, hot water system, peak usage periods, rooftop availability and aspect in order to determine your power requirements.


We will guide you and advise you as to the best options for your solar system from our tried and tested range of products, for example: micro-inverter versus string inverters, the various solar panel options (also known as Photovoltaic or PV panels), whether you want the ability to store your power and use it later by way of battery storage and the operational functions that go along with each system.


Your solar investment proposal provides you with three different price points, to give you the best product choices and design options.


What government rebates are available for solar energy?


When installation is completed, the Commonwealth Government of Australia’s Office of Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER), permits the creation of  Small Scale Technololgy Certificates (STC’s). One STC represents 1MWh of renewable electricity generated by a small generation unit (SGU) such as your own solar energy system. These are a tradeable commodity, much like stocks and shares.


Clients assign their STC’s to Solarspot upon installation, enabling Solarspot to apply an immediate direct discount to the cost of your entire system.


How long will it take before I get a return on my investment?


Your solar energy system will save you money from day one of installation, allowing you to immediately recoup returns on your investment.


Typically annual electricity bills are halved or better and with revolutionary new battery storage systems now available, electricity bills can be reduced even further.


Each system will pay for itself in a different way in each situation depending upon the size of your system and your energy usage. Typicallly we see payback periods from 3-5 years, slighlty longer for battery systems but they offer many more benefits.


We support your solar energy system from installation right through to post installation.  Find out more about professional installation.


Our Solarcare division offers a range of services at competitive rates to maintain your system for optimal performance over time.  Find out more.


We complete both large and a small residential installations. 


We love Residential Solar. We get great satisfaction knowing we have done another little bit for the environment and started saving you money!


Our projects include a 12kW Hanwha solar panels in Blackwood and 1.8kW SunPower panels in Rosslyn Park.