If your system is not performing as well as you expected, we can help you.

Jason and the team are here to fix up any issues and be there to support your solar system in the future.

Solar Spot provides all your solar system maintenance needs from cleaning, inspection, maintenance, and panel testing.

We will provide you a full service check as per the new AS/NZS 5033 regulations (listed below):

The following maintenance activities should be considered for inclusion in the maintenance
procedures, according to the location, size and design of the PV array:

  • Cleaning of the PV array might be periodically required in locations where it is likely to collect dust or other shading materials.
  • Periodic inspections should be carried out to check wiring integrity, electrical connections, corrosion and mechanical protection of wiring.
  • Verify open circuit voltage and short circuit current values.
  • Verify functioning of earth fault protection (if relevant).
  • Measure I-V characteristics (if possible).
  • Check PV array mounting structure(s).
  • Test operation of switches regularly.
  • Check for module defects (fracture, moisture penetration, browning, etc.).
  • Infrared scans can be of use in identifying problems.