Want up to win a $200 Coles Myer Gift Voucher?


We are celebrating 10 years at SolarSpot and you get the Presents. 

We are running a Referral Program for our Valued Customers which commences on the 1st January and finishes on the 31th of March, 2021.

If you have purchased and installed a Solar System and/or Battery from Solarspot then you qualify to participate in our Referral Program.  

To obtain your $200 Coles Myer Gift Voucher, send us the details of your friend and/or family member that would like to purchase a Solar System and/or Battery from Solarspot.  But ensure you ask for their permission first. 

Once the installation has been installed, you will be visited by Jason with a $200 Coles Myer Gift Voucher. 


Coles Myer Gift Card



* SolarSpot and SolarEdge Referral Program Terms and Conditions


1. A SolarSpot Customer is defined as an existing Residential or Commercial customer with an installed Solar or Battery System provided and installed by SolarSpot.


2. A standard referral generates a $200 Coles Myer gift voucher.  


3. A Solarspot Referral is defined as an Individual or Business that refers a new Residential or Commercial customer to Solarspot.


4. Each person or business that obtains a successful referral will receive a $200 Coles Myer Gift Card if the referral is made before the 1st of December 2020 and Approved by Plenti.


5. A successful referral occurs when a Solar Panel System or Battery Installation is uploaded and accepted by Plenti.  This can happen before the installation of the Solar System and/or battery.


6. There is a maximum referral reward of $600 in Coles Myer Vouchers per Household or Business during this promotion which is running from the 20th October until the 1st of December 2020.  For example, a husband and wife supplying 2 referrals each will only be able to claim a maximum of $600 in Coles Myer Gift Cards.


7. The promotion commences on the 1st of January and ends on the 31st of March, 2021.


8. Plenti will be checked on a Monthly Basis and Gift Cards will be purchased and and sent to customers at that time.


9. Customers will be requested to take a selfie of themselves with the Giftcard or their purchases and post it as a Review on the Solarspot Facebook page located at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/solarspot.com.au/reviews/