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Do you have a solar system bigger than 3 kw?

Do you recieve an Energy Concession on your electricity costs?

Your Solar System could be working better for you by delivering Virtual Power Plant credits.

Costing as little as $800 after 2 years and incentives of up to $8,000!

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We pride ourselves in offering market leading products and solutions tailered specifically to each customer and delivering on our promises. Solarspot is a proudly South Australian business that has been successfully operating in the solar industry across our state since 2011.
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Gain energy independence

As solar technology has evolved, the use of battery storage has become an important tool. It gives you the opportunity to not only generate but store, manage and deliver the free resources the sun provides, where and when you require it most.

What’s new

Want up to $ 11000?  

We are excited to be able to offer exlusive $5100 Virtual Power Plant Credits on top of the SA Home Battery Scheme Subsidy up to $6000.






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10 years of Solar Passion…


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Our dedicated team are driven by two desire. To improve our world for the next generation through advocating the uptake of renewable energy sources and providing exceptional customer service through knowledgeable practices honed from years of industry experience.

Energy at no cost

Energy is everywhere. The technology exists to capture and store it. We love helping our customers tap into this free resource, understand their energy needs and take control of their energy future.

what we do

We pride ourselves in our expertise in renewable energy capture, storage, control, management and system maintenance. You tell us what you want to achieve and we will make it happen, Guaranteed!

Make the sun work for you

By caturing your own energy, you can take back control of your energy needs with our expertise. A partnership with us can make free energy work for you.

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Over 20 years experience working in the renewable (solar) energy industry.

Contact us today for a FREE energy audit and site analysis. Let our company bring the power of the sun to you.