Ensure your Solar System is working to its optimum by cleaning your Solar System:

* For optimum performance Solarspot recommends you do this yearly

* This will ensure that your solar panels are getting the maximum amount of sunshine to your solar panels

* Your Solar System will produce more electricityYour Energy bill will be reduced


You get your car serviced regularly, why not your solar system?  By servicing your solar system you can ensure:

* Your solar system is working to its optimum

* Any inverters, connections and/or wiring can be fixed

* Any solar panels which are not working properly can be replaced

* Any components that are still under warranty can be replaced under warranty

* We will know if your system is not working correctly due to Solaredge monitoring of your system (for systems installed after Month/Year)

* You have access to Solaredge monitoring and see real time data of your system efficiency

*Your solar system will continue to work efficiently, possibly outside of the product and installation warranties


Solar System Warranties:

* Solarspot has a 5 year warranty on installation

* Some manufacturers supply up to 10 years on their parts and components:

   * Solaredge offer 25 year warranties on Optimizers, 12 year warranties on inverters and 10 year warranties on the Storedge interfaces

   * Varta offer seven year Warranties on storage systems and up to ten years on the battery modules

   * The LG chem RESU warranty is 10 years and the LG panels warranty is for 25 Years for Power Output. 

   * Canadian Solar standard modules have a 10-year limited product warranty

   * REC Photovoltaic System warranty is for 10 years

   * Longi offers a 25 Year Linear Output Warranty paired with 12 Year Materials & Processing Warranty on their panels


If you need your solar system serviced and cleaned contact us today