We have developed several large-scale commercial systems which have generated and stored power for our corporate clients.  Our customised solutions for your business include:


  • Reviewing your current electricity consumption patterns.
  • Understanding your future needs for electricity, such as machinery and appliance purchases that will consume more or less electricity.
  • Whether you have plans for extending your premises.
  • Working out how the solar panels will be fitted to your particular roof, dependant on roof pitch and the roof materials.
  • Analysing the best position for your solar panels.
  • Working out the best solar panels and inverters that will meet your needs and have long term warranties.
  • Access to your own online software so that you can review your electricity consumption.


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A commercial system for Keg and Barrel has generated 30 kW of power for them.  This system has the following benefits:


  • Generating savings of $11,640.87 during their first year of operation.
  • The return on investment for this project is expected to be 1.7 years due to their substantial subsidies.
  • Keg and Barrel have an option to purchase a Solar Battery so their imported energy (38,880 KWh) can be stored in a battery for later use. This will save even more money on their electricity consumption. 
  • This was a customised system developed for Keg and Barrel’s needs, it takes into consideration their energy consumption (day and night) and their available roof space that can house solar panels. 
  • 96 Sapphire solar panels with a 25 year product and 25 year performance warranty.
  • SolarEdge SE Inverters have a 12 year warranty.
  • By the time these solar panels and inverters wear out, there will be something significantly better on the market due to the amount of research and development undertaken in the industry.