Stefan is a Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC) accredited solar installer. He works onsite to install, wire and energise your system and ensure that it meets all legislative and safety requirements according to Jason's personalised design. 



Jeff is a qualified electrician and ensures your solar system is installed efficiently so you can get optimum use of your investment. He makes sure all your solar components and panels are available for a seamless installation and your system is up and running.



Toby installs our solar systems with Stefan and Jeff.  He places your solar panels in the ideal arrangement developed by Jason to ensure the panels access the most solar energy possible.  Toby also undertakes our annual solar system maintenance and cleaning service. He ensures the maintenance procedure is in accordance to your system's warranty requirements to ensure your solar investment works optimally, safely and for the duration of it's lifetime.



Stephanie is our go-to trouble shooter for processing information required to ensure that Solarspot meets all the current legislative requirements for your system. She has been in the Solarspot team part time since 2016 whilst studying at university and works with solar panel layouts developed by our installers, processes barcodes and rebate applications among many other processes.



Michelle has been our valued Solarspot book-keeper since 2011.  She creates invoices for our valued customers, manages our rewards promotions and works closely with our team to ensure all paperwork is submitted correctly for legislative requirements.  Her knowledgeable, helpful, and flexible approach to her work make her well recieved by staff and clients alike.