Microinverters are designed such that each panel in the PV array is independant of the next so that any kind of damage or fault to one will not affect the others. This provides greater resiliance; should one fail, the rest will continue to function normally and all are monitored individually.

Advantages of Microinverters

- A single malfunction does not have a huge impact on the rest of the panels (as mentioned above).

- Lower DC voltage, rapid shutdown.

- The ability to use different panel models and makes in the system, this is excellent in the case of repair because the parts are then easier to source.


Disadvantages of Microinverters

- Higher component cost.

- More complex installation.

- Depending on area of installation, there may be issues with overheating in extreme heat.

- Increased reliance on good communications for reporting.

- Higher efficiency DC coupled battery changing is not an option.


Enphase Micro Inverters have proven to be some of the most reliable inverters on the market today and they are the only micro inverters we use and recommend. You can monitor your energy consumption, solar production and self consumption all from one convenient app.