How fast is Solar technology moving?

Answer: VERY FAST!

I've attended several roadshows recently and thoroughly enjoy seeing who and what new technology is being brought into the market.

My favourite latest idea was the Bosch offering. One box, plug in the solar, plenty of lithium ion battery storage and to top it off it can even turn on your heat pump hot water system when the batteries are charged, to store the excess energy as hot water! According to them the Bosch smart home is not far away, where smart appliances communicate to the energy centre, so for example, when excess power is generated from you panels, it will switch on your dishwasher, or conceivably your air-conditioning.

All this technology is helping to minimise export, at 5c per kWh, why would you? The effect on export limiting has a very significant effect on your return on investment.

The graph above illustrates 3 identical 5kW systems, 50%/25%/0% export at current power prices. Big return on investment difference, between 0% and 50% it is virtually 2.5 years. Using micro’s and optimisers we can install in optimal positions giving greater benefit and offsetting higher initial costs achieving massively better ROI’s. As an electrician, I can also load daytime demands onto phases that can best be offset by generated power, all of which goes to help offset more and bring your return on investment back into your pocket faster!

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