Which type of system is the best one for you?

That depends on a great number of things but these 4 main points are the most common issues to consider:

  1. Physical aspects: Your roof, its pitch, its orientation, its size, the rooofing material, is the framework going to be strong enough to support the extra weight?
  2. Your electricity consumption: How much electricity do you consume and when, this is key for us to understand and allows us to design a system that will maximise solar power offset rewards. You can see how import this is in Return on Investment, the Key Term.
  3. Your future plans: How long will you be enjoying the benefits of free electricity, if you are not moving anywhere in the next 20 years, you should consider a higher quality system, it will give you fewer problems long term.
  4. Your budget: The most important one! If we know all of the above Jason will tailor a recommended system. Our Testimonials prove what following Jason's experience can do for people and we encourage dialogoue to make sure we get it perfect for you. Every customer is different a deserves the best advise in the industry.

Technology in solar never stands still.

We pride ourselves in knowing our industry, the products, the big players, the ones not to touch! It is key to our proven long term strategy. Being electrician's gives us first hand experience that will give you a better long term result. You can see more about the varied technologies on this site and also www.microsolar.com.au if you have aspects such as shade and limited space to consider.

Standards Compliance.

We know the standards, we are licenced by the Clean Energy Council, we are regularly audited by the Clean Energy Regulator and can prove our work meets and exceeds the standards. You can see plenty of examples of poor workmanship we have encoutered at www.solarcare.com.au and also updated regularly on our facebook page.

Solar power is now main stream having been installed in large volumes for the last 10 years but for those new to solar here are the main points.

Solar Power is the cleanest, most viable form of renewable energy available.

The light (radiance) from the sun is absorbed by solar panels on your roof and is converted into DC electricity. This DC electricity is converted to AC electricity by an inverter either under the panel or your wall. AC electricity can either be used by your appliances, or exported onto the electricity grid via your import-export meter. The NET feed in tariff structure in Australia means that only the extra electricity that isn't used by your house is exported onto the grid (i.e. your house uses it first).


Your investment in solar will:

  •     Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from your home and/or business
  •     Reduce your electricity bill cost
  •     Reduce the energy demand on the electricity utility
  •     Help to promote renewable energy in our community
  •     Give you great satisfaction, knowing you are doing your part to help our environment

Having a young family I take great pride in knowing I make a difference to our future everyday. Happy days!