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Installing commercial solar power systems has, since July 2015, become a little more transparent. SA Power Networks introduced their 'Low Voltage Actual Demand Tariffs' which, has made predicting the net benefits a little easier to calculate for systems <100kW.

Time of use metering can have significant benefits for a consumer if they fully understand the implications of demand at different times of the working day. Our service is a partnership between the customer and ourselves, as such, our aim is to support and empower the relationship with as much information as possible and deliver the absolute best result possible.

Larger scale solar benefits can be very substantial with ROI's close to 35%, depending on the time of the day you consume the most power and the scale of consumption offset the Solar Power can contribute.

For an honest impartial chat about your project or if you would like to know more, feel free to contact Jason and he will help you understand the huge benefits we can provide with our knowledge and experience over 13 years of installing Solar Photo Voltaic systems.

We can offer a free 'Power Logging' service for selected customers without time of use consumption history. This provides an invaluable insight into the potential effects of installing large scale solar on commercial premises.

Maintenance and monitoring is absolutely key to performance and longevity of your solar investment, again our partnership provides the necessary support to ensure your asset delivers its peak over the long term.

 Whether it be childcare center's to hotels, restaurants to councils and school, we have saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars a year, please contact Jason for further information.