The Solar Energy division has been working in the field of photovoltaics since 1992. All our actions are based on the motto “24 hours of sun”, the Fronius vision for the energy revolution. This sets out the future of power generation from a Fronius point of view. Our technologies and products contribute towards ensuring that all the energy in the future will come from renewable energy sources. Professional products for monitoring photovoltaic systems, high-quality inverters and our unique service plan create an outstanding portfolio of products and services. This makes Fronius a prime example of sustainability and the global quality leader in photovoltaics. Our vision is the use of renewable energy at maximum efficiency and the achievement of energy independence. Therefore we work hard every day. As a leading producer of inverters, Fronius is constantly shifting the limits of what`s possible by developing innovative solar electronic solutions. Our technologies guarantee first-rate quality and maximum yield all over the world, backed up by a totally unique service strategy.

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