senec inverter


SENEC is leading the way in Germany, a proven and trusted brand, owned by the multinational Germany electricity provider and generator EnBW. We are proud to be the first provider and installer in South Australia of the SENEC battery and, as with all German engineering, comes with unparralled quality growing on a 10 year pedigree.

The SENEC.Home system, comprises of a German engineered and built AC coupled inverter, with Japanese manufacturer Panasonic Lithium Ion battery packs sized to suit your needs, all connected to the SENEC Cloud monitoring system, giving you up to date information on your home energy position. Compatible with any existing or new solar system, a truely flexible system.

Warrantied, for 10 years in Australian conditions, with the backing of EnBW, we feel this is a tremendously sound battery 


Product to be SA
manufactured in near future