I keep watching with dismay at the current government’s stance on renewable energy and in particular the renewable energy target 'RET'.


I do not like to get political and I do have some sympathy with the mining fraternity as I have a degree in Mining Engineering but at some point in the very near future fossil fuel fed power stations, in particular coal, are going to be killed off in vast swathes whether the coal lobby like it or not. The global tidal wave of renewables is now unstoppable. Whether it be Elon Musk and his Tesla electric car battery mega manufacturing plant in California or the massive Ivanpah solar concentrator outside Las Vegas, the evidence that renewables are now the investments of choice for discerning bankers.


With utilities like AGL, Origin and Alinta closing their 'dirty' power stations due to unfavourable economic conditions for their operations, every politician has to stand up and realise the cause of this correlates to the rise of renewables. Who in their right mind would try and hold back a tsunami? Homeowners and savvy investors over the entire country are buying solar PV and solar hot water systems with an insatiable appetite, the people have already spoken Mr Abbott please listen and act responsibly.